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Water & Sanitation

Tanzania has a population of 49 million people, and 28% of them live below poverty line.  56% of those who live in rural areas lack access to clean water, leading people to go to the valleys and make hand-dug wells. During the rainy season, the toilets become overwhelmed with water, overflowing into the hand-dug wells, contaminating the water with human excrement and general refuse. As a result, diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera kill many people every year.

Mater Dei Africa (MDA) has successfully drilled several deep wells, providing clean and safe water which reduce cholera incidence by 90%, typhoid by 80%, and diarrhea by 80%.

These wells also save time for women and children who walk long distances to obtain fresh water from sources. This saved time can be used for economic and social activities.


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