What We Do

MDA partners with the poorest of the poor and assists them through different programs to break the cycle of poverty regardless of their ethnicity, political beliefs, gender or religion.

Our work includes:



  1. Responding to humanitarian needs, such as transporting patients from the villages to the general hospital.
  2. Provide essential assistance to marginalized elderly, disabled and disadvantaged people.
  3. Provide food-assistance, shelter and aid of essential items to the children and adolescents from disadvantaged families.


  1. Introduction of micro-finance programs which includes credit and savings to the poor.
  2. Introduction of programs targeting women like micro-finance, health, literacy and gender equality.
  3. Provide safe water by drilling wells, building a gravity flow system, and rain water harvesting.
  4. Constructing fish ponds in order to provide nutrition for poor families
  5. Improve agricultural production and food security by providing improved seeds adapted to the local environment and teaching farmers new farming technology.
  6. Introduction of cross breeding of native cattle with exotic dairy breeds like Holstein, Friesian and Jersey.
  7. Installation of solar generators  in village centers


  1. Partner with Mbesese Institute for Sustainable Development to construct and open a technical college in Same area.
  2. Develop school scholarship for orphans.


  1. Develop mobile clinic program
  2. Develop partnerships with government and NGOs health workers to provide HIV/AIDS education.

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