Mater Dei Board of Directors



Fr. Mansuetus Setonga, Founder


Mr. Steven S. Kangero


Sr. Aquillina Mwithi


Mrs. Mary Rusimbi, Chairperson


Mrs. Aginatha Festo Rutazaa


Prof. Joseph Semboja

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) supervises the management and business affairs of the organization and is responsible for seeing that the organization keeps the promises described in the organization’s Vision, Mission and Purpose statements. It also ensures that the organization is accountable for acting within the laws governing it.

The BOD is responsible for representing the organization to the community and for policymaking for the organization. They approve plans, budgets and audit reports of the organization.

The BOD is also responsible for ensuring that the organization has the resources it needs to further its mission, including soliciting funds and approving macro projects of the organization (Projects exceeding US$10,000) and any projects falling outside the approved budget of the organization.

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