Administrative & Learning Center


The Mater Dei Africa (MDA) Administrative & Learning Center coordinates all MDA programs and is a conference center for the community.  It also serves as a learning facility, providing information and training in a way that not only supports MDA's goals, but also nurtures a learning environment and culture where knowledge is shared and collaboration is encouraged.
Currently about half finished, the Learning Center already provides facilities for education and training of several programs administered by Mater Dei Africa.  Offices for Agriculture, Development, Health and Education will soon be open and available. The facility has already been used by agricultural service and microfinance cooperatives, and entrepreneurship training programs.

When complete, there will be classrooms for education of health workers, farmers, and self employed homemakers.  The facility will be available for reservation by adult education programs, community meetings, health and wellness activities, children’s programs, support groups, and more. Refrigerators and freezers will allow farmers from further away to safely store some of their produce for later sale in the nearby market, and camping facilities are offered nearby.  For profit companies will be charged an appropriate fee for using the facility, and these funds will offset the costs of operation.





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