Mater Dei Africa (MDA) provides the following services in the area of education:

  1. Partnering with Mbesese Institute of Sustainable Development to construct and open a technical college in the Same area.
  2. Develops school scholarship for orphans.
  3. Teaches farmers new skills and the use of improved farming technologies.

MDA promotes education by providing scholarships/financial help to poor students in rural villages and orphanages through a child sponsorship program. The sponsorship program creates a bond and relationship between the sponsor and the child leading to a lifelong friendship.The scholarship provides healthcare, nutritional support, school fees and school uniform to the sponsored child.  This program has created confidence and hope in the children.

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Most schools in rural Tanzania are very basic. Many have no electricity. When students have to study in the evenings, they usually do so using light from kerosene lamps. To address this problem Mater Dei USA (MDUSA) has supported and continues to promote the use of solar energy for lighting and charging portable devices. A kerosene lamp typically costs $3 a month to operate. A solar generator and rechargeable battery have no ongoing costs and can typically run multiple lights and a radio, while also charging cellphones. Students have better lighting to study by, and the money saved can be put towards school fees and other necessary costs./p>

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Administrative & Learning Center

The Mater Dei Africa (MDA) Administrative & Learning Center coordinates all MDA programs and provides information and training in a number of areas, including farming, women empowerement, and microfinance.

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